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How to Integrate Widgies(Application)

Meet the Widgies!

Widgies are the special applications that our sites can integrate with, so your sites not only look pretty but work harder for you. The sites will rank high up on search engines. Your clients can schedule appointments. They can make payments. Your vendors and employees can view your calendar, and collaborate on documents, orders etc. You can monitor your employees while they work, from any device at any time (the data is saved for you to view even years later), be notified when a potential client visits your site, you can chat or talk to your clients or schedule a web conference with them, well the list goes on. You get the point. That is the power of our ietranet sites.

We are the pioneers in the field of ietranet and our websites are fully optimized and integrated with the latest web 3.0 technology that shall be standard of tomorrow.

Scroll down the Home Page and you will see “Widgies” (Application) link in the footer. Integrate it with your Site and try it out for various purposes.

How To Integrate Widgies In Webbry Widgies

There are tutorials on how to install these widgies. Or we can also install these for you please Contact us. 


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