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Add Payment Buttons to your Website

PayPal makes it easy to accept payments on a website, whether it’s a mobile device, tablet, or PC. Just copy and paste a short HTML snippet on your website to add a payment button for a single item or for a shopping cart

Implementing a payment button

Get your merchant account ID

Login to the PayPal site ( https://www.paypal.com ). Your merchant account ID is on your account profile page.

Note: If you don’t have a business or premium account, your profile page will not have a merchant account ID. In this case, use the email address for your account.

Build your PayPal button .

Choose your button type, then customize your button with your product name and price.

Customize your button

  1. Click customize & preview to get a lightbox where you can customize your button code with your merchant         ID, product name, price and other options.
  2. Click Preview in the lightbox to see a preview of your newly created button.
  3. Click on the button to test it out.

Add Payment Buttons To Your Website In Webbry Tutorial

Add the button code to your website.
Just copy and paste the HTML snippet, and you’re ready to start selling!

It’s that simple. No need to deal with a long confusing form. You can update product name and pricing directly on your site.


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