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Now that your website is ready, you may want to consider a good marketing plan. Marketing your site properly is very essential to the success of your business. Marketing is conducted in several ways, such as submitting your site to many directories such as Wikipedia, search engines such as Google, etc. This helps boosts traffic. Mass mailing to your subscribers is another way to get the word out about your website. Besides submitting the site, the marketing is also done by improving your search engine ranking of the content (pages) and or paid search. Simple submitting can take up to 3 months to be listed, however we offer an express listing which can be accomplished as soon as within hours, list locally, create profile in social media, create blogs, content, posts at social media. The old methods of being found by black hat ways in Google, not only does not work any more, but there is chance that your site may be blacklisted and grounded for ever.

We can help you market your site in more ways than one. To get started click here

# Services One Time $ Yearly $
01 Express - Submit my site to Wikipedia 10 50
02 Express - Submit my site to Wikipedia and Google 20 100

Express - Submit my site to Wikipedia, Goolge,

Yahoo and Bing

30 150

Express - Submit my site to 10 directories including

Wikipedia, Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc

50 250

Create a Facebook, G+, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram,

Linkedin page or local business listing and get started

with it (monthly postings)

100 ea 250 ea
06 Create any two social media accounts 150 750
07 Create any four social media accounts 250 1250
08 Create all seven social media accounts 300 1500

Write an optimized page, blog or article (monthly)

(About 500 words and includes fully codes with meta

tags, header tags and optional keywords)

100 800
10 Create an E-book (monthly) (8 pages) 125 1000
11 Keywords for your pages 50 400

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