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 How to Integrate your Website Into your Google+ Page.

step 1:

1. Click your name in the Google bar at the top of Google+, select your Google+ Page, and click the About tab        to get to your page’s profile.The Profile section of your Google+ Page opens.

2. Click Edit Profile.

 The editing view opens.

3. Click the Link website button.

   A pop-up window shows you the code you need to copy into your website (the same code shown in the next         step)so that the site displays a link to your Google+ Page.

   If you don’t want your users to see the text link to your Google+ Page on your website, refer to the next                    step.Otherwise you’re done.

4. Copy the following line of code, and paste it somewhere on your website:



<a href=”YOUR_URL_HERE” rel=”publisher”>Find us on Google+</a>

Be sure you replace YOUR_URL_HERE with the URL of your Google+ Page. If you’re keeping the text of this link onscreen for your users to see on your website (recommended), you can also replace the Find us on Google+ text with a more enticing message specific to your brand.


Step 2: If you don’t want the text of the link visible to your users, follow these steps:

1. Make sure you can still identify your website with Google.

   You do so by replacing <a with <link and </a> with </link> so the line of HTML reads like this:

   <link href=”YOUR_URL_HERE” rel=”publisher”>

2.Put the line somewhere in the <head> section of your HTML.

Now the link exists. Your users will never see this, but Google+ will, and it should start recognizing the link.



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