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Getting Started With Web 3.0 Standards

We are in the middle of spring. Market is gaining momentum. All stops look like being pulled off before the Summer. Interest rate appear to be steady. In some areas the inventory is getting very low.

It is time to ensure that office systems are ready to be scale the influx of new home inspections.

Next is the supply of leads. Every business breaks at the point of marketing / sales. Yellow pages are dead. With the advent of various options in social media and SEO the cost of attracting quality leads is high. Now is the time to look at the website which is the first interaction between you and the potential lead. A viewer decides within 2.seconds if they will decide to continue your site or not. Within 4 seconds if he will read or view any video and within 6 seconds if this is what he / she was looking for and with in 8 seconds either you will get an order or he / she will move on.

Fast loading pages, are essential some thing will load within 0.05 seconds or less. So ensure that your images are lightened. The pages must be web responsive so these will populate properly across all devices width like a large desk top screen, laptop, ipad and or iphone etc. It is also essential to ensure that all operating systems will accept your web site.

Content is King when it comes to freshness that search engines like. Hence content management system that shall allow you to insert your content, text, images, videos etc are critical and is almost make it or break it utility.

Now that you have the content the game does not end there. Ensuring that it is indexed right is next major hurdle. If it can automated you will save a lot of time.

In designing our web site builder, we kept in mind all these requirements and created some of the best in class designs. It is ala-cart system. You choose the base design and then pick all the applications you need. More on the applications in our next blog.

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