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I am a novice at this stuff.  Would I be able to, do it, myself?

Oh Yes! Absolutely. We know it, too, well, that people who need websites, may not know, how to create one. That is why, we have this simple system, so intuitive, that you can simply move along, by following the simple on-screen instructions. If you can edit a WORD document, you can do this too, right away. It is just that simple - Copy, paste, edit, delete, write new text, paste new images, align them, re-size etc., nothing complicated. However, still, if you need us, we are on standby. There are video tutorials, and or diagrams and written text tutorials, if you prefer the documents. We also have Webinars. On the other hand, if you like, we could also assemble everything for you, and maintain it, as you want. We can create custom logo, images, videos, animation, almost anything. We are a full-service one-stop shop. We can design a logo, complete new custom web page if you do not like any of our designs. Have it your way, any way you like, your web pages. You can do it all, or we can pitch in partially, or entirely, you wish. Please take the plunge, and let us know, how you would like to proceed. We are here to help.

How long does it take me to create a website?

Well, that is a loaded question. If you have everything ready to be inserted, it takes on an average of about 5 to 15 minutes, per page. There is no coding involved here. It is just like editing a WORD document. Once you get a hang of it, the learning curve is few minutes. However, if you do not have your content ready, then it might take more time, depending upon the complexity of what treatment you need to provide to your content. We also have a real-time markup tool that we can work within, if you have any issues with your media content. We can create everything web related under the sun, well almost, you get the point. You can start and save your work, and come back later to start, from where you left off, as many times as you need.

How can I edit my site, after it has been created and uploaded?

This is where we shine, no issues at all. You may edit any thing, in your site, at any time, in real time. That is the beauty of the system. You can update your website instantly, as many times and as frequently as you needs to. Webbry CMS system is an intuitive, easy-to-use Content Management System to customize your website. The CMS can be accessed from any computing device to create new web pages or update existing, include pictures, images, video and audio etc, edit global meta-tags for search engine optimization. You can preview the look and feel of your work before making it live.

Who owns the website, once published?

You own the content (text and images) of course, that you provide. However, Webbry always retains ownership of all content, designs, images, etc., that we provide. You may use our content on our servers or when you have bought it. Read more about Proprietary Rights to Client Content in our Customer Agreement.

Will I be able to take my website to another hosting service?

Yes, there is a small fee for hosting transfer. But why would you want to do that? Our Hosting server PINOME has cutting edge technological advancements that would be hard to match. We provide an unmatched value.

What is your value proposition?

A completely seamless, integrated system, from your web faces to entire brick and mortar operations, be it in your own premises or serviced by us. This integration also includes your clients, search engines, and the social media. We have specific tools for you to optimize your needs. All components offered by Webbry and our company’s other services are world class. You may also be able to incorporate some of the other outside apps. We have researched the SEO friendly tags that can be added to your site-map, as it is, or you may edit it to your needs. Please do contact us, if there is anything that you need, has not been addressed by our apps / services and we shall see, as to what can be done about it. However, all of it starts from a web page. And then you can add all the apps you need.

What else do your bring to the table?

We are small enough to customize and cater to your specific needs yet large enough to handle latest state of the art scaling, cloud data centers worldwide, with all the bells and whistles that you expect of a world class outfit. We have a special treat for some types of Students in North America, teachers, Non-profits entities, Start ups, Affiliates, Fund raisers, Cause missions, and in general any one with a common synergy for our mutual benefit. Please do connect with us.

Can I add my own code?

It depends. Some standard codes like analytic etc may be added without any issues. Most other scripts in PHP that are compatible with our framework may be added. Some scripts may need customization before it can be added. Please do let us know and we may be able to help you for any special circumstances.

Can I swap my design?

It depends. In some designs you may be able to do so. In other cases you may be able to pick another design free of cost and as many designs, as you wish, and transfer your content. Our back office can transpose content for you very economically.


What kind of technical support is available?

General webmaster support is always included at no extra cost. To activate, please submit a ticket and we usually reply within few hours - maximum within 48 working hours. We also provide most types of IT support / back office services, at very reasonable fees, ale-cart, if you need custom work

Can I use my own domain?

Yes, sure, you may. We provide the domain name service as a courtesy. Webbry would like to see you established virtually, as quickly as possible. You can also maintain your own emails IDs, auto responders, sub domains, blogs etc.

What are the requirements that I need to have, to create my site?

You do not need any thing other than your input device, be it a PC, laptop, tablet, or a smart phone, your content and ideas. You can use our designs / content as it is and images from third party providers (some for free and other for small fee). Our websites are web responsive, meaning that these are visible on all devices, all operating systems and most major browsers.

How can I delete or temporarily stop the site or service?

From your services admin panel you can control all broadcast / operations. If you cancel the account, we shall not charge any monthly fees thereafter.


How much does it cost?

If you are reading this, then we are still in public beta. Most of our beta bugs have been resolved, nonetheless we still wish to wet the system thoroughly. If you subscribe to the heavily discounted Pre-Beta prices for any of our offerings, your paid subscription term starts only when we are out of beta.

During the public beta period, there is only a free plan, on a sub-domain like: http://www.MySiteName.webbry.com We are in the process of automating it to, being published on a straight domain. During the transition (and even afterwards) you can point your own full domain to the sub-domain here, and we shall help you do that, if needed free of cost to you. If you have a domain name, then let us know and it will done manually. You may buy the domain and or hosting service from our server PINOME at discounted prices.

When we are out of the Public Beta period, Webbry shall offer a free and premium plans. You may publish a FREE site on a sub-domain for a year provided it remains active. We also offer an option for you to order parts or whole of design and maintenance process. All plans offer a 30-day FREE trial period.

Please Check our prices at: http://www.webbry.com/pricing.htm

In general the plans are:

  • Free – The Website is free for the first year on a shared domain (http://YourSite Name.webbry.com) provided it is kept active.
  • Monthly – You will be billed monthly for your website, which can be on a shared domain or on your own domain. The cost of the domain purchase or transfer is not included. We do have a discounted hosting service that bills separately and there is no transfer fee if you opt to choose this host. There is a small transfer fee if you wish to host it on your own hosting server.
  • Yearly – You will be billed every 12 months for your website, which can be on a shared domain or on your own domain. This plan includes the cost of the domain purchase or transfer for the first year, if it from our server, PINOME. If you already purchase your domain, we shall add one extra month to your hosting period in the initial term.
  • Design, Develop and Maintenance Service - We offer a custom design and development service, full IT support and back office functions like a one stop shop. Submit a design request by either providing us a design that you are inspired from or write with details of your requirements. Our quote is free. A simple typical informational website with one Contact us type form, starts at $ 199.00 per year. Get your website designed by a professional along with free hosting and free custom domain name for the first year. 
What does, “free” mean?

A free site is a sub-domain, just like: “YourSiteName.webbry.com”. You may be able to have your domain name pointed to this sub-domain and it will still be free, if it is on a free plan. For other limitations please see the details page.

How do I buy a paid website / hosting and or domain name?

Please click on any “Buy button” that suites your needs. You can always change your plan later, if needed. You shall have to create an account, provide all information as needed therein, and pay with a credit card, e-check service at PAYPAL. PAYPAL uses encrypted and secured SSL system. We do not see or hold any of your payment details on our servers. As soon the payment is cleared, you shall be able to host your site. However, you may start and continue to create your pages and hold it there for free, for a week. All subscriptions may be changed at any time and pro-rated charges shall be applied or refunded, if and when due, if you cancel the subscription.

How much is the set up fee?

No, there is no set up fee. Set up on our server is always free. Migrating your any other existing site from another server to PINOME is also free. Issue like to assist with the set up and webmaster assistance is free.

How much is the hosting fee for the paid plans?

Yes, there is hosting fee for paid plans on our server PINOME. It also includes all other hosting features that the server PINOME offers, like, free back up, 99.9% up time guarantee, 24x7X365 monitoring, round the clock help line for hosting and assisting, toll free phone call service etc. Subdomains are always free.


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