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As an American software company, we get to work in many segments of our economy that many of our offshore peers, normally don’t. Home Inspection  segment is one of them and we have been serving it, for more than a decade. Our Industry research and analysis have produced many meaningful insights. Webbry portal serves some of those needs. The overall strategy is to have a single point entry for all items accessed from computer; be it for brick and motor office functions, on-site needs, requirements while driving, virtual needs of support staff, ordering system interactions with clients and media and how to reduce the workload by automating it in a office etc. Handling SEO and social media is critical to getting new orders, yet it can be a chore, generally not possible for a small office.

Webbry is a system for inspectors to engage with social media and clients, it has never been possible before. For the front end, it incorporates a website builder that has been developed in the latest HTML5 technology with its own Content Management System (CMS). Any one who can produce a document in WORD, can create a beautiful website within minutes and maintain the content himself. Our system is not based on Wordpress, a two decade old, content management system. Wordpress is the largest target for viruses, and has always been the darling of hackers. It was developed primarily for blogs and is not suitable for business sites. When you add up the cost of all the plugins, frustrations and the limitations it has, it is not at all economical and it being the worlds largest CMS, is also its biggest liability. We can literally take any WP theme and convert it to our HTML5 technology in few hacks. With so many devices and operating systems they accept, like Android, iOS, Windows etc, HTML5 is the technology of choice today that is not only to be able to work in all platforms but is also acceptable for all media like videos etc. Flash is dead. HTML5 is essential for indexing as the search engine robots can read XML files. Our website have clean XML markup and are responsive for all screen sizes.

Webbry is not a mere website builder; as in the back end it has many productivity tools you need to operate your business smoothly. It starts with an integrated system of creating websites and incorporating tools therein which are essential to operate a profitable business. Our websites are hosted on cloud servers, however if you wish, you can move them to your own. Although the web site creation system is a complete stand alone DIY website builder, yet we can help you with any customization, maintenance or back office support, if needed. We can also create a completely new custom designed site or an application from ground up.

The system is designed to rank well on the search engines like Google and engage your clients from your website and social media. We are still in public beta trials and shall be releasing these tools periodically. During the first beta trials, we are offering free subscriptions to our website creation system. However, for an early adopter bonus, subscription may also be pre-paid at heftily discounted rates and the subscription term shall start only when all known bugs have been resolved. And your renewal subscription rate shall remain same for life long, as long as you keep it active.

Our next tool is a calendar / scheduling system, so the clients can get an automatic quote, schedule an inspection, agree to your state mandated pre-inspection terms legally, and or pay on line. Our road map includes, one-click auto-posting to search engines for indexing, and for social media etc.

Help desk module that will SMS you, if you are away from your desktop or are inspecting in field, when some comes to your website. Drop box type of storage to which you upload your documents and your clients can download at any time, with their credentials like encrypted password. Other support companies like Radon etc can also upload their reports to the clients folders. You reduce the post inspection folder handling time. If you have human resources input from outside your own office, it is very easy to include them in the team. Employee monitoring system is a powerful tool that lets you bill your clients for your consulting time and pay employees for actual time worked. There are many more applications to come. We also produce animation, and videos in house. We are good one stop resource for many IT functions.

The free website is a sub-domain that is supported by advertisements. You can also take optional ad module, even for the paid version to make some income from displaying non-competing businesses ads, if you so desire. You can buy a domain name, from our server PINOME, or bring your own URL and existing email IDs, etc if you like. We shall help you transfer it free of cost to you; to our servers. We shall be adding more designs shortly. We are also looking for contributing designers and content writers for Webbry.

Our philosophy is not to be some thing for every segment of our economy but as much as possible for some chosen segments. Home inspection is one of them. We would like you to please try our offerings and write back with your opinions and how can we help generate more business for you, and satisfy more of your clients. We do not spam, rent or sell your email address. We take your privacy very seriously. You can opt out at any time, you think we are irrelevant.

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