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Forum rules

These Rules apply to the whole Webbry Community Forum. Separate Forum sections and boards may have their own rules which detalize the rules of conduct in them. However, these Rules are obligatory in any case.

The Rules are introduced to create a comfortable and constructive atmosphere of communication.

I. Registration of users.

  1. When registering on the forum, a user accepts these Rules.
  2. To register on the forum a user must have register via the registration form.
  3. Choice of a username (a nickname) is your exclusive right. The administration reserves the right to take measures for stopping a nickname usage, if its usage violates generally accepted moral and ethic standards and it is insulting for other forum members. Registration of nicknames, resembling the existing ones so that they can mislead other forum users, is prohibited.
  4. Repeated registration of one user, regardless of his/her aims, is prohibited. This violation is considered to be extremely serious and leads to the blocking of all accounts.

II. Rules of conduct on the forum.

  1. Usage of swear and abusive words is strictly prohibited, no matter in what form and to whom they are addressed. It concerns substitution of letters by characters as well.
  2. Any advertising, including Internet projects, is strongly prohibited.
  3. Your signature on the forum cannot be higher than 60 px. The maximum allowed font size of a text signature is 10 pt.
  4. A user avatar must not be more than 110x110 px in size.

III. Message posting.

  1. Before posting, it is recommended to view the forum to get acquainted with its structure and traditions, to use the search box in the top right corner.
  2. A thread subject must be informative and reflect the core of the problem to the maximum. Thread titles like "Help", "Problem", "One question" violate these Rules.
  3. Before you create a new thread, make sure that you create it on a proper board and that this question hasn't been discussed before.
  4. Creation of identical threads in different sections and posting of similar messages in different threads is prohibited.
  5. Post messages according to the thread subject, avoid multiple similar messages, off-topic messages, messages that contain only smileys and thanks. If you want to thank someone, use the reputation feature or awards.
  6. Try not to make grammar mistakes in your posts, it will give a negative impression about you.
  7. Appearance of posts:
    • The maximum allowed font size is 12 pt.
    • Images in posts must not exceed 500x500 px and 250 Kb.

IV. Relations between users and the Forum staff.

  1. The staff follow common sense and internal rules of forum management in their actions.
  2. Discussion of staff's (Forum administrators' and moderators') actions is strongly prohibited in any forums and threads. If you have any issues contact one of the administrators via PM.

The staff reserves the right to change the Rules with the further notification of Forum users. All Forum changes and updates are carried out with the consideration of users' opinions and interests. You can read additional info about the Forum and its rules on the following board: About Webbry Community Forum